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Fundraiser Jerseys for Pro Player Derek Green at Master Worlds

Get ready to support Derek Green, our local pro player, as he competes at Master Worlds this weekend with these exclusive, limited-edition fundraiser jerseys! Available for pre-order at just $35 plus tax, these unique designs celebrate Derek's journey and style.


1. Graffiti Design Jersey


Unleash your inner street artist with our Graffiti Design Jersey. This bold and vibrant jersey captures the essence of urban art, featuring an array of eye-catching colors and dynamic patterns. The intricate graffiti artwork, splashed across the front and back, embodies the raw energy and creativity that Derek Green brings to the competition. Perfect for making a statement, this jersey is a must-have for fans who appreciate a blend of art and sport.


2. Retro 90's Theme Jersey


Take a nostalgic trip back in time with our Retro 90's Theme Jersey. This design is a throwback to the iconic styles of the 1990s, with bold geometric shapes, neon colors, and vintage patterns. It’s inspired by the vibrant and playful aesthetic of the era, making it a perfect fit for those who love a classic yet funky look. Show your support for Derek in style with this jersey that combines the best of sports and fashion from the 90's.


Pre-Order Details


Price: $35 plus tax

Availability: Limited edition pre-order only

Support: A portion of the Proceeds will go towards supporting Derek Green at Master Worlds and beyond!


Don’t miss out on these exclusive jerseys! Show your support for Derek Green and stand out from the crowd with these unique designs. Order yours today and be part of the excitement at Master Worlds!

Derek Green Jersey

Excluding Sales Tax
Pre-order will go until the end of June. Expected to ship end of July!
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