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At Local Line Apparel, we are like a family, and our team is an extension of that!  We want to promote them, and for all of our customers to get to know them, as they are amazing ambassadors for the sport!

Meet The Team


Nathan Queen

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My first round was around 2002 or 2003 at Carolina Bible Camp in Mocksville NC, a 9-hole pole hole course that was played backwards as well to have a full 18. At that time, I was playing baseball and just getting started with motocross, so disc golf didn’t take as a favorite right away. 2013 I made a move to New Bern NC and that's when disc golf got hold of me. Career Wins: 50


Rebecca Cox

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Grew up in Amelia, Ohio. I started playing disc golf when I was 8 years old, David Cox, was a professional disc golfer and my coach. He taught me almost everything I know.

When I was 9 years old, I broke the ten and under girl's world distance record with a Leopard; I threw it 246.5 feet at the Williamsburg disc golf course. I continued playing in tournaments, improving my game, and raising my rating. By age 16, I was 900 rated. Career Wins: 40


Hanna Huynh

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It started when I was in my senior year in high school and my mom started dating a disc golfer. I skipped school after lunch, they’d pick me up and we’d go play disc golf! Silly I know but I did end up graduating! For any women out there, that want to try it and are nervous, don’t be! We are a great community, and we offer tips and help. Anyone is welcome.

Career wins: 3

Leah Tsinajinnie

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GT Hancock 

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Derek Green

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Started throwing summer of 2008 when economy crashed as I was working in construction and work came to a halt. I got more invested in the game and after a few years got my dad to start throwing and that's when we both joined the PDGA (we have back-to-back numbers) and learned the whole tournament side of the sport. Since then, I have gotten two brothers, my sister, my nephew and son all throwing and competing. I have now played 200+ courses in 20+ states and am always looking for new tournaments or areas to go. I have a passion for growing the sport and look forward to what the next generation brings to the sport. Career Wins: 13


Virginia Polkinghorne

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I started when my father showed me the sport very young, however I truly started to understand the sport in 2019, when I lost worlds. I started to understand my mistakes and I could figure out how to capitalize on my strengths. Since that year my mental and physical game have improved greatly and I'm very proud of how far I've come as a golfer and person from this sport. My favorite course is the recreational side of Foundation Park in Centrailia, Illinois and my role model is Zach Melton. 

Career Wins: 65


Tyler Rutledge

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I’ll start off by saying that disc golf is my safe haven. When I’m out on the course I can block out the negatives of life. My dad actually got me playing when I was eight. I’ve been in and out of playing most of my life, but only recently got into the scene. I’ve been introduced to so many great people in our community and any time I have I’d prefer it to be disc related.


Team Captain Britany Horn

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Started in 2018 when someone asked me to be their partner in co ed tournament. I love all the people I get to meet. Mamba, buzz ss, f5 is my favorite discs, favorite pro's Derek Green, Dan Peraino and Justin Mount. :) Favorite course is any that don't have trees or water, but also one with a taco place close by. Seriously though my favorite course is white birch. Career Wins: 4


Quentin Borengasser

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I have been playing disc golf now for over 15 years. I started playing because my dad grew up in Columbia next to Oakland Park and they put the course in when he was kid, so he picked up the game. I have been playing since I could walk. When I went to Mizzou I took up the game a bit more seriously and competitively because I missed the competition I used to get from soccer. Now I continue to play disc golf all the time because of the awesome community. I play disc golf most days just as a way to hang out with friends, everytime I take a trip I'm looking for a league or tournament to meet disc golfers in a new community. Disc golfers just have this awesome way to make you feel welcome and we all just really want to have a good time throwing plastic in the woods. Furthermore, I just like to support the women's side of the game and have recently gravitated more towards watching women's coverage because I find the way they attack courses to be a great mental battle and overall, just fun golf to watch. 

Career Wins: 7


Kevin Copeland

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A good friend of mine had asked me to play several times over the years and I had always blew him off. After my father’s passing in early 2019, I was in a bad place mentally and decided to try it out. I fell in love with the sport immediately and the rest is history. I love having competition back in my life, and there’s just something special about the flight of a disc. I’ve gained a ton of new friendships with people I’ve met through disc golf, and I’m forever grateful to my friend for introducing me to the sport. Career Wins: 3


Ryan Jeziorski

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I've been playing since 2010, pdga member since 2015. I love the competition and the ability to always get better. I love the flight of a disc and the support of a good card mate. I love the Fuzion/star plastic overall. My favorite course to play on is the beast in Waco. I appreciate Eric Oakley the most due to his positive outlook, vulnerability and ability to elevate his brand along with his game.

Career wins: 4


Dave Rutter

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I started playing disc golf when I was around 17. It started out as a fun way of being out in nature with friends. After high school i did not play much for about 10 years or so. Some years later, a family member had some scary health issues and my brother, and I started playing to get out of the hospital for a bit. During this time my brother talked me into playing tournaments. After the first one i was hooked all over again. So, I started working more on my form, playing every chance i could and buying waaaay too much plastic. My brother and I were set on besting each other. Fast forward some years. We lost Nick to his long battle with addiction. I was devastated, i lost my best friend. The community stepped up in a huge way for my family and me. The support and friendships that came from the community was nothing short of a miracle and I don't think i would be here without them.

Will Quinn
Uriah Webster
Chris Leonard
Heidi Matheson
Justin Johnson
Glenn Bietsch
Anderson Heintz
Jeff Diebold
Debbie Polkinghorne
Jason Service
William Sublett
Adrian Howard
Mark Roark
Maddy Quade
Kerry Dowling
Levi Moore
Adam Casel 
Rob Allingham
James Anderson 
Josiah Young
Gabriel Rish
Angie Cooper
Ryan Holmes
Cody Flynn
John Pender
Brett Foster- BMX


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